The Appointment
Your practitioner will book three appointments for you over a period of two weeks. It is important that you attend all three appointments as Body Stress Release works as a process.

During your first appointment your practitioner will take a detailed case history. After the release, your practitioner will explain what they have found and give you advice on posture and show you some simple self-help techniques.

Responses are often rapid although you may need further appointments depending on how your body responds and how long the tension has been stored. This is because the tight, protective layers of muscle, release gradually back to their natural state.
Client experiences with Body Stress Release

Neck Pain

"At first, I was extremely sceptical about Body Stress Release, but I can honestly say that it's had an amazing effect. For years, I have had a painful neck, especially when turning my head to the left. After three visits my neck feels great and I've been sleeping like a baby."
Tim F, 50, Property Developer

Frozen Shoulder

"Body Stress Release changed my life! I had been suffering with crippling pain from a frozen shoulder for many months. After only three sessions of Body Stress Release I had no pain at all and the full range of movement to my shoulder had been restored. I now attend a few times a year for maintenance sessions and would highly recommend Body Stress Release."
Chris H, 65, Retired

Headaches/ Migrains

"My son came home from school nearly every day with a headache. It came on after lunch and when he went to bed at night it was still there. Pain killers from the GP helped, but he couldn't live like that for the rest of his life. After only four sessions of Body Stress Release his headaches have gone. He smiles and plays again like he used to. We are both so grateful for your help."
Gill S, Mother re her son aged 12

Back Pain

"At 38, having had three children, my body was not what it used to be. Chronic pelvic discomfort, neck and back ache were a part of every day life. Gentle Body Stress Releases over a number of weeks have proved to really work. Generally pain free for over four months now, I can only say that I wish I'd known about it sooner."
Kate D, 38, Mother/Business Woman

Degenerative Disks

"At 32 years of age I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and was about to have major surgery. My experience with Body Stress Release has made me think very differently about complementary medicine. The improvement after three releases was dramatic. Regular maintenance visits keep my back flexible and pain free. I now have a quality of life I didn't think was possible."
Corinna T, 33, Mother

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